Advice For First-Time Pet Owners

Advice For First-Time Pet Owners


Now that you’ve decided to have a pet, you have a few decisions to make. Before the fun can start, you need to choose the right pet for your lifestyle, prepare your home and budget in advance, and learn how to acclimate your pet to your home. Read this advice to get started.

First things first
Which Pet Is Best For Me?

In order to figure out which pet to get, you’ll need to answer a few questions that can help you make the best choice.


Why do I want a pet?
Are you looking for quiet companionship in your …Read More

10 Nutritious Foods For Your Dog

If you are wondering if your dog can eat things like apples, pumpkin, beans and yogurt, then the answer is yes. Most of us know that too much of our human food can make our dogs sick or a bit on the chunky side, but these 10 foods can safely be added and they will give a bit of a nutritional boost to your four legged friends diet. You just have to remember that you don’t give them more that 25% of their normal diet.

Yoghurt is a great addition to your dogs meals, as it provides them with a good …Read More

Your dog can eat vegetables too

If your dog will eat leafy greens raw, try various types of lettuce, spinach, kale, and even cabbage (for kale and cabbage, see caution below about gas-inducing veggies). Swiss chard is high in vitamins A, K, and C, as well as fibre and protein. This powerhouse veggie can be bitter when raw, so lightly steam before serving. Limit your servings of this as it is also high in oxalic acid which can interfere with calcium absorption. On the up side, one leaf of Swiss chard contains only 38 C, so it’s a great low-calorie treat.

Zucchini is a good source of calcium, …Read More

Is The Environment Suffering Because Of Our Way Of Living?

Is The Environment Suffering Because Of Our Way Of Living?
Here is 9 ways a plant based diet helps improve our planet.

Meat production takes up 30% of the Earth’s ice-free area

An astonishing 30% of all the ice-free surface area of the Earth is currently being used to either rear livestock or grow food to feed those animals.

As the global population grows and developing countries increase their wealth and prosperity, meat consumption is expected to double within the next 30 to 40 years.

At this rate, it doesn’t take someone with a university degree in higher mathematics to work out that something’s got …Read More

Can dogs be vegetarian?

If you haven’t heard about vegan and vegetarian diets for dogs, let me get you up to speed here …

Right now if you Google “vegetarian diets for dogs”or “vegan diets for dogs” you’ll find a whole lot of controversy…

Your search results will pull up passionate advocates insisting that dogs can simply live without meat and that plant based meals are a much better choice. But you’ll also find articles strongly contradicting these theories and vets and experts who are very much for feeding dogs a high protein meat diet.

So how do we know which is the best meal plan for our dogs?

Great …Read More

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut oil is extremely popular these days. You may use it yourself as a health supplement, for cooking, as a homemade toothpaste or deodorant ingredient, to moisturize your skin or condition your hair.

Because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, many people also use coconut oil for a number of medicinal purposes.

Although supplements can be a confusing topic for many dog owners, you probably know about the benefits of feeding Omega-3 oils like fish, krill or flaxseed oils to your dog. These oils contain essential fatty acids, which, as the name indicates, are essential to your dog’s health.

But other oils also support …Read More

How To Fight Cancer In Dogs With These 3 Herbs

Cancer is the one word that’s on almost every dog owner’s mind. And if cancer isn’t on your mind, it should be … statistically, your dog has a 50/50 chance of getting it.
Cannabis Oil
Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and its oil is very powerful.

Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids but not all of them are psychoactive (which means they can act on the brain and affect mood). Compounds such as cannabinol, cannabidiol (CBD) and other forms of THC have been shown to carry health benefits, even without the  delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC), which is the psychoactive compound.

Cannabis oil has been …Read More

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Dogs

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Dogs

Google “turmeric” and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a site not boasting one or more of its numerous benefits.

The benefits of turmeric have long been known to natives of Middle Eastern and Asian countries, who have been cooking with the spice and using the plant in medicinal preparations for quite some time. Now that the West has gotten in on the action, our pets are reaping the benefits of this superherb.
Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Dog:

Relief from joint pain
Lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)
Support for the liver’s detox processes
Antioxidant with potential …Read More

Turmeric for dogs

What if I told you a little spice (that’s probably sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now) could make a huge difference in your dog’s health and even his lifespan?

I know it sounds crazy, but research shows it’s true … turmeric (the spice used in curries and mustards) with over 6,000 studies to its credit, is found to trump a lot of fancy, expensive drugs.

Arthritis drugs
Inflammatory bowel disease drugs
Anti-inflammatory drugs

These are a whole lot of reasons to give your dog turmeric! So let’s take a closer look at this handy little spice (we’ll show you how much …Read More

Hemp for dogs: Should you use it?

Is your dog missing out on a great superfood? You might be thinking, “Hemp is a variety of cannabis, I’m not giving that to my dog!” If you are, it would be too bad because hemp has many health promoting properties nearly every dog could use!
Why I Think You Should Give Your Dog Hemp
Hemp is one of our oldest and most versatile plants, dating back to the 28th century BC. Today, hemp is used in foods and even textiles, but we’re most interested in the hemp seed and the oil it produces.

Unlike fish oil, hemp seed oil contains the perfect ratio of Omega-6 (linoleum acid) to Omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) fatty acids. These are essential …Read More