Hemp Oil – An Amazing Source of Omega 3 and 6

Most of us know that we need a source of omega 3’s and 6’s in our diet and our usual “go to” supplement would be fish/krill oil, but did you know that hemp seed oil is just as potent in these essential fatty acids?

Humans usually get plenty of omega 6 in their diet through cooking oils and nuts, dogs do not get the same amounts.

Bountiful benefits

Omega 6 contains Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps keeping allergies, arthritis, digestive issues, diabetes and cancer at bay. Even though dogs can synthesize GLA themselves, healthy dogs have been found to have deficiencies.

Hemp oil contains the ideal 1 to 3 ratio of omega 3 and 6. A good balance of these fats is vital to the health because they work synergistically in the body. They work together to manage inflammation, too much omega 6 raises inflammation and too much omega 3 can cause immune dysfunction. But not all inflammation is bad, it is a part of the body’s response to injury or disease; it helps to heal. Omega 6’s increase the inflammation to help the body recover and Omega 3’s lower inflammation and help control chronic inflammation, this is why the 1 to 3 ratio is so important.

Besides containing fatty acids, hemp oil also contains vitamin A and E, two powerful antioxidants that help the immune system fight free radical damage from the toxins your dog might have in his/her body.

Another great component of hemp oil is the Phospholipids, which are molecules that help cells maintain their homeostasis. In dietary terms this helps manage inflammation and arthritis pain, reduce gastric acid, lowering cardiovascular disease risk, improve brain health and cognitive disorders, boost immune functions and help repair liver damage.

Better than fish oils

As mentioned in the beginning Hemp Seed Oil is extracted through cold-pressing and this method makes it less likely to go rancid. A rancid oil can cause inflammation, which is the main reason to supplement with oils in the first place. Fish oils have been popular for a long time, but it can contain mercury, radiation and other contaminants that you would want to keep away from your dog. Hemp oil is more stable, and it is a sustainable crop, that will not cause any damage to the ecosystem, where fish in the ocean are getting fewer and fewer.

Let us just be clear, hemp seed oil does not contain any significant amounts of cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Your dog will not feel anything out of the ordinary.

Hemp seed oil is extracted through cold-pressing of the seeds, whereas CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stalk and buds. Both oils have some amazing benefits, unfortunately CBD oil is not legal here in Australia yet.

A little bonus is that hemp oil smells much better as well.