Organic Dog Treats

Our Story

When our dog Fred had to have his second cruciate ligament surgery in 10 months we got worried; had his knee heeled from the previous surgery enough for him to now put all of his weight from the back on that one leg? And what about the signs of arthritis in his hips? We didn’t like the idea of him living on pain killers and we definitely didn’t like the look on his sad face when went for walks with Bob without him. When he still didn’t want to put any weight on his legs 4 weeks post surgery we started looking at natural options. We found Turmeric, more specifically golden paste. It was amazing to see that within a week Fred was actually starting to walk on all fours again.

We had been looking into our dogs’ diets and what treats and kibble actually contains and decided that we could do better than that. We knew we wanted to be able to give them Turmeric everyday even if we had run out of paste, so we started baking our own natural dog treats and from then on the ball started rolling and we created Pawsome Organics.

Pawsome Organics

We are passionate about making healthy, nutritional, organic treats and pet supplements for the growing number of us that are conscious about what our beloved pets eat. All of our products are developed by our in house animal nutritionist.

Why Organic?

Seeds soak up pesticides like sponges because of their high fat content, the only way of preventing your dogs (and yourself) from being exposed is by purchasing organic only. The toxins used to prevent infestations exudes from the plants roots and linger in the soil for at least 230 days after spraying, this not only changes the soils fertility, but it could also affect the soils nutrient cycling process. Organic produce have higher levels of nutrients than their non-organic counterparts and organic food production uses less energy than conventional food production.

By choosing organic you help the environment, as well as protecting your dog from nasty chemicals and pesticides.

Eating organically may also reduce your dogs skin ailments, allergies and digestive orders whilst increasing your dog overall health and immunity.

Just like the quality of your diet affects the quality of your life, the same applies to what you feed your dog. It will have a huge impact on how he or she looks, feels and acts.
We love knowing we are doing our best for our dogs’ health and the earth at the same time.

Healthy Dogs