From Brianna
These treats are AMAZING! They're SUPER healthy and dogs go mad for them! My little girl has a lot of allergies so these being meat free means she can eat them all! You cant go wrong with treats and the team behind them are awesome!
Fantastic! Our American Bull dog Boziley goes crazy for your treats! He has allergies and its been hard to find treats that aren't boring, flavorless and rubbery. I love knowing that they are good for him as well, winning!!
From Rebecca
Thanks for the samples at the pet expo. My dogs loved them I will definitely be back for more vegan treats in the future.
From Caroline
Bought some Tumeric and pumpkin treats today from Beaufort Street (we were the stall next door) and they went down so well with all three of my dogs (one of which never usually eats treats, just buries them) Every last crumb hoovered up! Will be back for more soon!! Thanks Caroline
From Renate
First met you guys at the Hounds Day out and bought a few treat samples for our Dally girl. Gotta say, she loves them, we use them as a special treat and for times that she gets anxious. She kind of knows when she gets these all will be okay. I was so pleased to see you again at the Dogs Breakfast for a top up. Good work on the ingredients, the new packaging and labelling is great too. Let me know if you ever start doing some soft training treats, would definitely consider those too
From Jodie
A friend just dropped these off for my Chilli Olive. She loved them and then we went and shared them with all her friends and they loved them! We need so many more! Thanks
Organic Dog Treats Perth - Organic dog treats australia
From Chloe
Thank you so much for the samples my dog absolutely loved them, so glad to be able to feed her treats that are actually good for her
Makalu & Tyson
My 2 huskies Makalu and Tyson thought pawsome organics treats were amazing and they love sampling them. Thanks Marty
Thanks so much pawsome, these are a huge hit with my boy. He has no allergies etc but I know I'm giving him a healthy treat full of all the goodness.
Thankyou so much to Marty and the team at Pawsome Organics. I love these treats as much as our 2 dogs do, suited to all diets as they are natural and REAL ingredients, perfect size and delicious.
My boy Benji loved his Pawsome treats gone within seconds, even better knowing they're full of healthy natural ingredients!
Ruby is our fussy little princess who usually just sticks to her tried and tested treats. She took the bone right out of my hand and after her initial inspection of it, it was like a bell went off and she scoffed it down and wanted more.
Jack is a healthy jack russel cross. We have had Jack for .. years and although we went through a struggle the first couple of years to find out what he was and wasn't allergic or intolerant to. He is now loving life in his new climate down under. He loves Pawsome Organics treats and can't get enough of the Hemp and Banana bones and we can rest easy knowing that the treats are grain/ gluten free for our little doggie.
Misty is a 10 month old Arab Bull Terrier. She is not even 1 and she is developing muscle at a rate of 2x that of any of my previous dogs. I want to thank Marty for putting me on to his hemp protein biscuits, Misty loves them and I love the way Misty’s muscles has really started to take shape.
After trying them we noticed that she has stopped scratching her nose and that her coat was getting show dog quality after 2 weeks. I strongly recommend Marty and his range of hemp biscuits, we have also recommended his biscuits to all our friends.