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DErt Control™️

The ultimate natural pest repellent for your pets! DErt Control™️ is 100% safe for dogs and cats, horses and even rabbits but deadly to ticks, fleas, bed bugs and all sorts of other nasty parasites. Brush this powder into your pet’s coat to get rid of ticks and fleas or sprinkle it over their food as a gentle deworming treatment. Diatomaceous Earth is completely natural and non-toxic – the safest way to rid your household of pests and keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy. – Non-Toxic – Pet Friendly – Child Friendly How to apply DErt Control™️  Diatomaceous Earth is applied directly to your pet’s coat and surroundings. This is safe for dogs or cats, even if it eats some it can act as an internal detox and natural dewormer; see our DEtox DErt available here DE can also be used as a repellent as well if you dust your pets after playing in an area that is prone to harbour fleas. Focus your efforts on your pet’s bedding and other areas they visit frequently. The more exposure the fleas have to DErt Control™️ the faster you will see results. Other good areas to target include the kennel, food bowls and any outdoor areas, that your pets spend a good amount of time in. For the best effect Once a dog or cat pick up fleas, it can be difficult to get rid of the infestation with natural flea remedies. A dog or cat will bring fleas into the home causing fleas and eggs to fall on the carpet, pet bed, and furniture. Wherever fleas land they can breed, so it’s important to think they can be everywhere. Diatomaceous earth must remain in contact with the fleas to continue working effectively. The diatom’s porous nature dehydrates the flea. Because of the diatom’s nature, diatomaceous earth needs to be dry while it’s in contact with the fleas to be effective. Keep your pet’s skin moisturised  If your dog has a sensitive and/or dry skin we recommend supplementing their diet with an edible oil such as our Hemp seed oil.  It’s recommended not to bathe dogs more than once a month, since it dries out their skin, it is best to use a soap-free or moisturising shampoo. Afterwards, comb through your dog’s fur with a flea comb to help rid your dog of dead fleas.   Have patience with the process You should treat your dog’s environment with diatomaceous earth twice a week, leaving it on for about 1 to 3 days. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 weeks. Diatomaceous earth is not a quick fix. It will take time for the flea to come into contact with the diatomaceous earth, and about 48 hours to dehydrate the flea it has come in contact with. The process may take up to three weeks, but it’s efficient, all natural, and dog friendly. Grab it here Our DErt control comes in a shaker 200g or you can buy our 3kg tub for horses and use your own applicators. There is no wrong way to apply diatomaceous earth; it just needs to come into contact with the insect to work. Helpful tips and warnings
  • Keep in mind diatomaceous earth may dry out your dog’s skin. It’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent or counteract the effects of dry skin. Our Hemp oils are a great option.
  • Be sure to treat your pet’s regular hangouts as well.
  • If you have breathing problems like asthma you may want to use a dust mask while applying.
  • It’s recommended to treat your dog on a monthly basis as a preventative measure.
  • Fleas must come into contact with the diatomaceous earth to work effectively.
  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic
  • Available in 200g Shaker
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DEtox DErt™️

DEtox DErt™️ is easy to use DEtox DErt™️ is applied directly to your pet’s food. Simply add 2% of your pet’s daily food intake of DEtox DErt. If your pet is fed 100g of food per day, add 2g of our DE to its meal. Use continuously for best effect Diatomaceous Earth (DE) must be used continuously to work effectively. The diatom’s porous nature dehydrates the flea/worms and parasites which in turn kills them. DE is full of minerals like sillica, iron, magnesium and calcium which will help assist your pet’s overall condition For maximum health benefits If your dog has sensitive and/or dry skin we recommend supplementing their diet with an edible oil such as our Hemp oil. Our hemp oils have the highest ratio of essential fatty acids available in a plant. Hemp oils are a great way of getting vital Omega 3’s into your pet. You should start to see a shinier and better looking coat within two weeks of taking the oil. Safe for us, safe for them Diatomaceous Earth is also used regularly in grain storage; which means we are all eating little bits of DE in our breakfast cereals. Adding a bit of DE to your own diet can help your skin, hair and nails look nice and lush Grab it here Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️ comes in a 1l container or you can buy our 3kg tubs here
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