Cocomeric – a powerful, natural remedy

Cocomeric – a new take on golden paste

Chances are you have heard about golden paste and its benefits many times, but let us just reiterate what a powerful, natural remedy this is!

Turmeric has been used in Asian cultures for centuries, it is used as a spice, for colouring and for medication. In recent years it has gained much more traction in the western cultures and it should come as no surprise.


The wonders of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) are extensive; there has been a lot of research into the benefits and they are not just unfounded claims. Recent research has proven some anti-cancerous effects, as well as potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Do you feel those creaky joints in the morning? Curcumin could be the answer. Do you have an itch you can’t seem to get rid of? Curcumin could be the answer. Do you have problems with your digestion? Curcumin could be the answer. I’m sure you get the point; Turmeric is a wonder spice!

The anti-inflammatory effect and the powerful antioxidants can assist in a wide variety of ailments, it is believed to be beneficial to relieving arthritic symptoms, decrease inflammation, relieve allergies, improve the gut health and even decrease tumour growth. Curcumin has been deemed safe by food authorities around the word, so adding it to your daily diet will, if nothing else, add a bit of spice and colour to your life.


Unfortunately, curcumin is really hard for the body to absorb on its own, but by adding piperine (the active ingredient in black pepper) you can increase the absorption up to 2000 times. By consuming it with a fat the curcumin is absorbed directly into the blood stream and bypasses the liver, where it would otherwise have been secreted. I know; food is an actual science, how to make the most out of the best ingredients, is not as simple as just going with the flow.

Keep your pets happy

While I have been speaking in terms of the benefits to humans above, you will find that your pets will thrive too. Research show that animals reap the same benefits as humans.

Cocomeric is ticking all of the boxes of a powerful, natural remedy. You get the wonderful fats from the coconut oil, the curcumin is visible in the beautiful yellow colour and the addition of peppercorns, just adds to the absorption rate.

What this means to you and your pet is that adding something as simple as Cocomeric to you pet’s daily diet might help decrease inflammation, offer pain relief and potentially help fight those nasty cancer cells, not bad for a product made by Mother Nature’s finest ingredients.