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Naturally Shed Deer Antlers



Our naturally shed antlers are
  • Only Premium grade, naturally shed antler
  • Washed in pure water and air dried
  • Hand cut and sand finished on all edges
  • Available in the full range.
  • High in natural minerals and nutrients.
  • Made from our Grade A Antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free ranging deer that live natural lives. No deer are ever harmed
  • Our antlers are all naturally shedded and cruelty free. Deer shed their antlers annually and they are then collected from the natural habitat.
  • Antlers are a great natural chew for dogs. It is very important to find the right fit for your dog, as an antler too large can break your dog’s teeth, on the other hand a bone too small might be swallowed. Find the right size and your pooch will have many hours of enjoyment. Remember only ever to feed your pet bones and antlers when supervised.


Antlers will vary in size and shape.
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